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Welcome to your Basic Page

You can edit this page content using the Visual Builder or the Divi BuilderTo access the Divi Builder for this page, select the Edit Page option at the top of this page. You can also go to the Pages tab on your dashboard and select Basic Page. To access the Visual Builder, simply click on the Enable Visual Builder option on the top of the page. Remember to save any edits that you make by selecting Update (in Divi Builder) or by selecting the purple icon at the bottom of the page and then selecting Save (in Visual Builder).

Basic Modules and Sample Sections

Below are examples of different modules and section layouts available in the Divi Builder.

Toggle Module

This module can be used to create toggles for consolidating and expanding information. You can set the toggles to be initially opened or closed.

Toggle Title One


Text and media content can be included here.

Toggle Title Two


Text and media content can be included here.

Toggle Title Three


Text and media content can be included here.

Tab Module

This module allows you to create mutiple tabs (with text and media content) that you can easily click between.


Text and media content can be included here.


Text and media content can be included here.


Text and media content can be included here.

Embedding a Video

To embed a video onto your page, simply create a new column and select the Video Module. Paste the embed code for the video into the module and it will appear on the page. To comply with UChicago’s digital accessibility guidelines, please provide a transcript for audio-only content and captions and a transcript for audiovisual content.

Three Column Layout with Blurb, Call to Action, and Testimonial Modules

This is an examples of a three column layout with separate modules in each column. These are only a few examples of the modules available through the Divi Builder. Learn more about customizing your layout with Divi Sections and Rows.


Blurb Title

Blurb text or media. You can change the icon at the top of the Blurb or remove it altogether.

Call to Action

Call to Action text and Button. You can use this feature to link to external or internal pages.

Customer or client testimonials or reviews for services.

Author Name

Job Title, Company Name

Specialty Sections

Bar Counter Module

  • Bar Counter One 25% 25%
  • Bar Counter Two 50% 50%
  • Bar Counter Three 25% 25%

Specialty sections offer more complex layouts into which you can add basic modules.

Circle Counter Module

The modules shown here are Bar Counter, Circle Counter, Text, and Social Media modules.

 Social Media Module